Greensboro- Around Town

While my last few posts detailed our stay at the campgrounds in Greensboro North Carolina, I wanted to add a short post about some of the attractions we enjoyed while we were there.


Piedmont Farmer’s Market I mentioned this one in my first NC post, but I would be remiss not to touch upon it again. Sadly I can’t find any pictures from the market, but if you’re ever in the area be sure to check it out for yourself!

Hanging Rock

While this was only a day trip during our stay in North Carolina, our visit to Hanging Rock State Park was memorable enough to earn a coveted spot in our sticker collection at the back of our trailer. An hour drive from our campground in Greensboro, this park in Danbury North Carolina was well worth the extra car time. Even though our kids are experienced hikers, we still calculated that we’d only have time to complete one trail before they expired. The park offered many tempting options, but in the end we decided to take the most popular trail- hanging rock (it was the namesake of the park after all). We were not disappointed. It was a beautiful hike, with amazing views.









Greensboro Science Center

This aquarium / zoo / children’s museum was free with our Cincinnati museum membership so we enjoyed visiting here several times. It was on the small side, but very well kept and the kids very much enjoyed each of our visits.










Greensboro Children’s Museum

We enjoyed a visit here one evening, meeting Tom after he finished work. Not a lot to say about this place, pretty run of the mill as far as children’s museums go, though it looks now as they’ve added a really fun outdoor climbing section that wasn’t there during our visit. The main library across the street is also worth a visit.





Piedmont Environmental Center

I stumbled upon this place while trying to find a new place to take a hike on my birthday. Very nice trails and scenery, the large topographical map of the area was always a hit. The kids also enjoyed a night time Halloween hike led by the center.





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