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Now that we’ve shared the big reveal, it’s time to show off some of the fun little details, and share how it was all put together. I’m going to go room by room staring with my favorite space- the master bedroom. Our bedroom in our sticks and bricks was the first place I painted and decorated, and for the most part we tried to keep it as a kid free tranquil zone (when they aren’t sleeping in our bed that is). I wanted it to be the same in our new home and though Tom may think I went a little overboard on the decor I feel it’s just perfect!

The bedroom was kind of our ‘mistake’ room. For whatever reason we got a little overexcited and decided not to sand. After painting the cabinet doors for the entire trailer we realized that was probably a mistake. The interior of the trailer is mainly plastic so it can be a little tricky to get good paint coverage. We purchased the “Extreme Bond” latex primer from Sherwin Williams which the high school student working there (ok, maybe he was 20…when did I get so old?!) assured us would bond to anything. We also purchased their “Emerald” line latex interior paint (they totally saw us coming). We were less than impressed. The cabinets nicked when you just looked at them. Some tears were shed, and there was talk of sanding off the paint and starting over but I quickly shut that idea down. You couldn’t pay me to paint those things again! So we decided to live with it, and learn our lesson that sanding should not be skipped no matter how expensive that primer was. Unfortunately by this point the bedroom walls (un-sanded) were already painted.  See my policy above on restarting. I was quite heartbroken at first that things didn’t seem to be going smoothly, but now that everything is put together I will say you can hardly notice the few nicks. Moral of the story though, sand sand sand!

My garage sale quilt. A couple years ago I purchased a stash of sewing fabric from a garage sale and was delighted to find this beautiful quilt in the box already pieced together. My loving grandmother hand quilted it to perfection, and my wonderful mom put the binding around the edge. Viola, a beautiful reminder of my loving and talented family I can snuggle with no matter how many miles away from home.


quote above our bed “Life takes you to extraordinary places”
“Love brings you home”


Tom’s side. I wanted him to have sweet sailboat dreams.. because I’m not exactly on board yet with his retirement plan of sailing around the world.


My side. I might have to leave the home where Ocean was born… but I can take my placenta print with me (yeah, I said placenta print)


My favorite project in the trailer! I tea stained maps (free using this list and decoupaged them onto our sliding door and table. (yes, the mirror is betraying my unmade bed… but the baby is napping shhhhhh).


I really would. But only you my love <3 (Made with vinyl and my mom’s cricut machine)


Wall of photos to remind us where we started… just the two of us. Frames are the cheap (and light!) wooden ones from Michaels painted to match our decor


what I made the night we decided to buy the trailer
Another garage sale score, from Princess’s friend


I had to take my baby wraps, even if Ocean is hardly a baby anymore. Basket is from the S&B, got a little spray paint makeover and I love it!
colorado baby
Photo above the baby wraps. One of my all time favorites.

untitled-2 Ikea spice racks make great bookshelves.

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  • I am just a bit envious of your sense of adventure. It gives me inspiration. I love seeing and reading your blog. Where do you find the time!? I really admire you both for doing this. Love you all!

  • Hey there old friend! We are in the market for a travel trailer to take on our own adventure this summer and I had to revisit this page so I could daydream about making a space this sweet. I love everything about it. Miss you <3

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