Launch Pad

It’s been a few months since our last adventure. That’s not to say that our lives have been calm…… just stationary. We solidified our decision to travel full time and took on the last few major hurtles before we can launch. Renovating the trailer, finishing house projects so we can get it on the market, and shooing out the last remnants of our old life so we can usher in the new era. I am writing this entry tonight on the floor of my bedroom, air mattress and boxes surrounding me. There is no more furniture left in my house. The purging has slowed to a trickle and the trailer is getting fuller by the day. We’ve said goodbye to the bed we picked out as our wedding gift, the chair that rocked all of our children, and the table and couches that were our first ‘grown up’ purchases and held so many memories growing from two. To three. To four. To five. We’re sitting perched on the edge of what we’ve dreamed about for the past year. There are so many mixed emotions swirling. Excitement, impatience, anxiety, doubt. Each possession we say goodbye to goes with it a little of our ‘old’ lifestyle. Goodbye rocking chair…. goodbye sleepless nights humming and singing and pleading with little babies to go back to bed (in the chair anyway, we still have a few sleepless nights ahead of us with Ocean). Goodbye kitchen table….. goodbye spending all day in the kitchen cooking large nourishing meals to share with family and friends. But oh the hellos. Hello tiny RV couch, that is better for snuggles, and conveniently folds out into a bed for when those babies finally give in. Hello itty bitty kitchen table that involves everyone in even the smallest of tasks because…. where else are you going to go? We took some time out from our constant renovating and packing this weekend to invite a very special photographer into our new space to try and document some of these new hellos. I wanted to capture the nuances of our new life that make it so inviting to me. Like making coffee in the morning. In the house it’s wake up, drag myself out of bed, throw beans and water into the machine and wait impatiently until I can pour a cup. But in the trailer there is no room for such a fancy machine, so we hand grind. And boil the water on the stove. And press the coffee in the french press. Which takes time. And thought. And purpose. And couldn’t be done alone if I wanted to because everywhere I turn I bump into a kid. What was a solitary and thoughtless task before has become a bonding ritual of sorts. Hand over hand as we turn and whir. And it’s not just coffee, it’s laundry, and dishes, cooking and cleaning. It all takes more time and effort without the appliances we had become to reliant on…. but it’s time and effort that is spent together.   So here it is, the glimpse into our new everyday. I cannot thank Emily Frigo enough for sharing her time and true talent in capturing these little moments that have me so ready and willing to give it all away until all that’s left is what you see here….   untitled-21

















































































































































Be sure to visit to find out more about this amazing photographer! And stay tuned for some more photos to reveal all the hard work we’ve put into making our tiny home HOME.

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  • Love this! I crave so much of the togetherness you mention here. I hope you keep writing & share what happens! I hate that I was/am just getting to know you & now you’ll be far away :(. So many interests we seem to share.

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