Kansas City (July 2015)

The trip that made us realize there was NO WAY we can continue traveling in hotels. Three kids on the 7th floor with one window (talk about depressing!), tornado warnings, and 2 weeks of family meals with only a mini fridge and microwave. We saw a lot of behavior changes in our kids these two weeks that made me seriously question the lifestyle we were heading towards. I knew that something was going to have to change or they (nor I) would never adapt to the traveling. Bouncing from hotel to hotel never knowing what the set up would be, sleeping in a different bed each month…. it was proving too much. It was a kind of make it or break it trip, and in the end we believed strongly in the childhood and education we are trying to create for our kids, so after much thought and research we decided to put our money where our mouths were and fully commit. Thank you KC for pushing us to pursue our travel trailer dreams.

Highlights include Deanna Rose Homestead (while fun, this was MUCH more commercialized than I was expecting. Much more of a farm themed amusement park than an actual farm), lunch delivered by train at Fritz’s, Penguin Park and library fun, randomly wandering throughout downtown KC, Ocean’s first fourth of July, and of course, root beer flavored milk. This trip pushed us, but it also reinforced our thirst for adventure and exploration- there was so much to experience here!




























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