Greensboro North Carolina, Part I

At last I’ve worked my way back to North Carolina, our first assignment in official ‘fulltime’ status.  That day in Spring 2016 when we left OH and headed south was the last time I would see my house. I still remember the anxiety. The restlessness as we were running around attempting to tie up all the loose ends. The frustration when it started raining (which would later become a tradition for moving day, it always rains on moving day!). The mixture of excitement and oh-my-gosh-what-have-we-done. The elation as we pulled into Dunkin for a coffee five minutes after being on the road


Ahhh coffee. The rest of the trip is basically a blur. We drove late into the night trying to find a place to stop. We pulled off the highway around 1 or 2 following signs that promised a campground. First attempt was a dead end. Gates were locked, no way to get in. Stopped at a truck stop and briefly contemplated staying. Very briefly. Then we picked the closest looking campground off the map and tried again (some people might plan for these sort of things. We are not those people). Eventually we see the exit where the campground is supposed to be and turn off. Apparently we’re in the mountains now. What better time to learn to maneuver our new home down narrow and winding mountain roads than the middle of the night? Oh well, literally no turning back now! After what seemed like a ridiculously long drive we finally stumbled upon the park. Not locked, thank the Lord. Parked and immediately passed out.  Upon waking we were pleasantly surprised at the gorgeous view that greeted us. We enjoyed that for about five minutes before hopping back on the road (a downfall to traveling for work vs. purely for adventure means we’re not on our own schedule).

Finally we make it! Oak Hollow Campground in High Point North Carolina. A quiet campground with a pool, playground and beautiful lake, it made a cozy home for our first ‘official’ trip. The only major downside was that we had to leave after 30 days, so we ended up bouncing back and forth between this campground and Lake Reidsville (who had the same rule) for our 6 month stay.

Our first spot became our favorite. Playground in the ‘backyard,’ and directly by the laundry and lake. We did talk them into letting us stay longer than a month one time, but were ‘banished’ to the ‘overflow lot’ which was a gravel parking lot at the back of the park. Jokes on them though, I really enjoyed the extra solitude.





We spent most of our time at Oak Hollow bug catching, duck chasing, and splashing at the pool. Many evenings we rode our bikes to the marina to play at the playground and watch the sun set. Princess found the perfect climbing tree to befriend and relished spending all her spare moments getting as high as she dared. We also discovered our all-time favorite spot- the Piedmont Farmer’s market. Without fail we were there every weekend, even when we were staying farther away. We befriended farmers, drank fresh grass fed milk, filled our fridge with delicious produce and our bellies with delectable fudge- it. was. heavenly.  “If only they had a farmer’s market like North Carolina” is now a common phrase in this trailer.







We celebrated princess’s sixth birthday here. Completed our first Acorn harvest. Enjoyed a (much too short) visit from grandma and grandpa. It’s safe to say we will always remember our stay at Oak Hollow!





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  • That sounds wonderful minus the narrow drive at night 😉 Nowi want to find this farmer’s market.

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