Cape Canaveral

Thanksgiving 2016 was spent in Cape Canaveral Florida. We had an amazing  time visiting with Tom’s sister who spoiled us with babysitting way more than she needed to. Probably one of the most difficult parts of life on the road is not getting to spend any one on one time together. I am not super keen on the idea of leaving my kids with strangers, so until we are parked around family we have to make do with stolen moments after the kids are in bed (and before Ocean awakes for his nightly why-am-I-alone-in-the-bed panic). I am so grateful for our family that is supportive of our unconventional way of life, family that adjusts and grows right along with us taking on the challenges this life has brought. Sometimes when we’re visiting I feel like I toss the kids at them and run- but not once have I been made to feel guilty or shameful about needing a break. To some this may appear to be a life of solitude and independence, and while it can be at times, it is clear to me that I couldn’t keep living this dream without the enduring  support of those closest to us. So if I haven’t said it lately, thank you and I love you <3


In addition to taking each kid on a special Aunt Jen date (this lifestyle leaves them craving one on one attention too!) she also gave us a few hours for a long oceanside motorcycle ride on Tom’s birthday. A seriously beautiful ride that I wasn’t sure I wanted to take, but will now be one of my favorite memories. The rest of the week included a space launch, lots of beach time, and of course non stop thanksgiving cooking. We stayed at Jetty park which we highly recommend and look forward to staying at again in the future. Beautiful foliage surrounded sites and a walking distance from the beach- what more could we ask for?



















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