The Reveal!

I have been DREAMING of this post for months! I’m not even sure how I’ve had those dreams since it seems like we haven’t slept trying to finish it all. But it’s finally DONE!  Sort of. There is still a lot of technical adjustments that need to be made, but you know.. that’s not my area. Sorry about that Tom! It looks and feels like home though, and I couldn’t be more excited.

I am so thankful to my husband for the hours of sleepless nights and busy weekends he’s poured into making this tiny space my haven. Putting up with my indecisiveness (“that sink we already bought looks nice buuuuttt I’ve always dreamed of a basin sink!”) and desire for things that take so much more work (he spent an entire week finishing those wooden counters, and I’m so in LOVE with them- and him!). I told him that it feels like my Pinterest page has come to life in there, and that’s basically the highest complement I can give anyone.

I am also eternally grateful to the best family and friends anyone could ask for. So many weekend visits with Aunt Michelle and Grandma and Grandpa while mom and dad work. Afternoons in the yard playing with friends while mom paints and cuts trim. Moms balancing their own babies on their hips while running after mine and simultaneously deep cleaning my house more than I’ve done since we bought it (I’m looking at you Kim and Catrina. Seriously the BEST). You know someone loves you when they clean stink bugs out of your dining room chandelier.

This is just a glimpse of the magic that’s happened in there. Stay tuned for details of how everything was completed!
























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  • Wow–maybe this is a future business idea as well!! Totally awesome!! When John and I first married, we rented a home from friends who had two small kids and decided to move into their RV for a season. The or son, as an adult, at one point was even our worship pastor. They are a remarkable family, as are you guys!!

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