Mt. Vernon Illinois (October 2015)

It came on a Friday morning. The call I had been training for. It was around 10 am, I was still in my PJs and sipping my first cup of (already cold) coffee.

“What are you up to?” the husband asked, somewhat cautiously

“Not much…. why?” I replied, equally cautious

“Well, how soon can you be ready?”

No need to ask what for. “An hour, maybe two?” I guessed, my heart pounding.

“Ok, we’ll need to leave in the time it takes me to drive home now” which for the record, is about 45 minutes

“No problem” I lied, faking confidence and calm. Those years of drama club were getting some practical application!

All right troops, I barked. This is not a drill, it’s the real thing! Let’s pack up!! No questions were asked, and the kids got to work packing the essentials (i.e. every toy and book they can’t live without). Laundry was thrown about, mental lists I have been building over the last few trips were rapidly checked off. And I’m proud to say that in just about three hours we were on the road, and not one child was left behind.

This was our first trip since we purchased the trailer that we weren’t able to use it. And I missed my tiny home! A special word to the wise.. Drury Inn hides their refrigerator and microwave in cabinets that are disguised to look like dressers. So for example, if you were to arrive with a fresh supply of whole foods there is no need to panic and scour small town IL for an electric skillet and a cooler because you couldn’t find the fridge. Just for example.

We only stayed for 2 days but really enjoyed our time in Mt. Vernon! A cute little town that was bustling with excitement over fall fest. We enjoyed the Jefferson County Historical Village and talked at length with adorable Ida Rae- a grandma volunteering with the historical society who thought our traveling and homeschooling plans were wonderful.

Not happy I asked them to pose in the historical jail cell










historical village walk


She suggested we visit the Cedarhurst Center for the Arts (where she also volunteered). The Beck Family Center (FREE) there was truly impressive with many interactive displays including an over sized lite brite (be still my 1985 born heart).  I was surprised we had the place to ourselves on a Saturday, but I suspect the whole town was preparing for the parade. If we get a chance to return in warmer weather we will definitely explore the 90 acre sculpture park as well.

horse puzzle


lite brite






art center


The parade! The kids really got into it, especially when they realized candy was involved. I swear ever since then Ocean has perfected his ‘parade wave’ and says “Hi! Hi!” whenever we’re out in public.

Continental Tire float (where Tom was working that weekend)






Quick trip packed with fun, but I do look forward to getting back out in the trailer!

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